Why Choose Kipware®?

Had it yet with EXPENSIVE ... OVERBLOWN ... machine shop software and CAD/CAM?

Ready for a REVOLUTION ?

Why is a Kipware® Purchase Different?

At Kentech Inc., we have been creating and marketing our Kipware® software since 1986. We’ve seen ’em all come and go. The imitators, the fly-by-night vendors with the gimmick prices, the Bobcad and Fusion 360 models where they trap you in with a “special” introductory price or free software and then after they lock you in they start turning the screws … jacking up the price or maintenance fees. We have none of those … never have.

So what makes a Kipware® purchase different?
Why should you feel comfortable buying Kipware® from Kentech Inc.?

Here are a few of the reasons you should consider.

  • A purchase of ANY of our titles means a ONE TIME PRICE with a LIFETIME LICENSE … Buy it Once … Own it for Life.
  • No Maintenance or Montly Fees EVER … we have no hidden costs and no maintenance fees … ever.
  • Intelligent Interfaces Kipware® designs are simple and efficient so you spend more time DOING and less time learning to operate the software.
  • Upgrade when you want … only if you want. Upgrades are priced using a less than -2- year and greater than -2- year pricing … easy, straight forward, simple.
  • Every Kipware® title comes with -2- seats standard. Install and use your Kipware® on -2- independent PC’s.
  • No internet connection needed … ever.
  • Unlimited, forever-free access to our online KIPWARE® VIDEO TRAINING website and catalog. The catalog is always being upgraded with real world examples submitted by users like you by which we make training videos illustrating step-by-step instructions and post the video to the site.
  • Unlimited, forever-free access to our online KIPWARE USER MANUAL website and catalog. Users can easily print topics or just view them online on any device from anywhere.
  • Straight Up Pricing … you can view all pricing in our OnLine Store. No hidden fees … No call for pricing … No Fusion or Bobcad “gimmick” pricing.
  • Kentech Inc. was incorporated in 1986 … experience, consistency and reliability you can count on. Longevity doesn’t happen by accident … it comes with hard work, innovation and great customer experiences.

Don’t Waste Another Day

Make the SMART CHOICE .. Kipware® !!

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