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Think about CNC and Machine Shop Software in a NEW WAY !!

Since 1986, over 30+ years, Kentech Inc. has combined a unique blend of metacutting, CNC and machine shop experiences with computer programming skills to develop an array of metalcutting and CNC software products recognized around the world as “real world machine shop software”.

Our products are marketed through our Kipware® registered trademark and include business software ( quoting, estimating, tracking ), conversational CNC and conversational CAD/CAM software for milling & turning and pioneering and innovative G code conversion software. Our customers are machine shops consisting of one-two people to Fortune 500 companies such as SpaceX, General Dynamics, Raytheon and others.

In today’s world, clients find themselves faced with shop floors that consist of multiple machines with multiple CNC controls operated by personnel with limited shop floor experiences. Oftentimes, PC based or control based software applications can help that shop floor operate more efficiently. Our over 30+ years of metalcutting, CNC and machine shop experiences enable us to “see” the shop floor and our clients problems with a clarity unmatched in manufacturing based software development. Our focus lies with our strengths … in manufacturing … in metalcutting … in CNC programming and in G code and G code creation.

If your shop floor is faced with an issue that is causing inefficiencies and bottlenecks … we invite you to contact us to discuss possible options and solutions that can be created through our intelligent, custom software development.

Here are a few samples of the Kentech Developed Custom Software Applications

DUMP the Cryptic Macro's

We took the Fanuc Macro B technology and turned it into a sleek, crisp, easy-to-use PC based conversational G code generator. Users only needed to open the form and fill in the plain English and click GENERATE G CODE to obtain a complete G code program … in the clients desired format … to send to the machine to start the cutting. This app eliminated the need for the user to know macro … to work with macro … to edit the macro … and all possible human errors.

Custom G Code Converter

We wrote a custom application to auto-convert the users G code programs formatted for one machine and convert it to run on a completely different machine with a different CNC control. This app ended the need for re-posting, re-programming and any manual editing. Now when jobs programmed for one machine need to be run on the other machine … they are auto-converted and ready in seconds … and anyone can perform the conversions with the easy-to-use app.

Complete Product Line G Code Conversion

Our client purchased a new machine to replace an outdated CNC that had been running their complete product line for years. In In seconds our custom G code conversion app converted their old G code to newly formatted G code to run on their new machine. Some programs / parts had no CAD file to go back to … so re-posting was not a possibility. No downtime … no re-programming … no manual intervention.

Custom Drill Cycle Generator

We wrote a custom conversational application where the user selected a drill size from a list, material type, added the material height and the software generated hole positions based on a few inputs … the G code generator then automatically created the complete drilling cycle and output the completely formatted G code program that could then be loaded into the CNC machine. The program format was output according to the CNC control requirements and with all formatting desired by the end user … all automatically.

Various Shop Calculators

Over the years we have developed multiple calculators used for various applications from calculating the bearing surface … to calculating intersecting points for line-to-line and line-arc-line using fill in the blank forms rather than the need for a CAD drawing … to inspection apps to many, many more, Oftentimes we can build on an existing application to save the client money and the cost of development time. Profit from our experiences !!

Profit from our Experience !!

Having worked in manufacturing for 35+ years … we know machining, we know CNC programming, we now CNC’s … and those perspectives give us a unique vision to see our clients needs. If your shop floor is faced with an issue that is causing inefficiencies and bottlenecks … we invite you to contact us to discuss possible options and solutions that can be created through our intelligent, custom software development.

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Kipware software is innovative and groundbreaking CNC and machine shop software.

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