KipwareMAX - Machine Shop Quoting, Estimating & CNC Programming Bundle

Complete Quoting / Estimating / CNC Programming BUNDLE

Starting a Shop?
Looking to Invigorate Your Current Shop?
Looking for the Ultimate Set of Tools to BOOST Your Shop's Productivity?

You Just Found it ... in KipwareMAX®

“There are so many great apps in this package !! Someone is always turning to one of them for something. Sometimes using them together, sometimes just grabing one individually for a quick task. Great package guys !! Thank you.”

Kipware® software is one of the fastest growing brands in machine shops around the world … and KipwareMAX® brings all of our most popular individual titles into one complete powerful package that will cover all your quoting, estimating and CNC programming requirements … at a GREAT PRICE !!

KipwareMAX® is the ULTIMATE TOOLSET for any size machine shop … whether a new start-up … or an existing shop looking to add efficiency and productivity.

If you’re just starting your shop … KipwareMAX® will give you the quoting and estimating tools to WIN PROFITABLE WORK and the CNC programming tools to get that work quickly programmed, accurately machined and out-the-door on time and on schedule.

For existing shops looking for a recharge … KipwareMAX® will give you the quoting and estimating tools to insure the  work you win is PROFITABLE work and the CNC programming tools to cut your dependency on expensive CAD/CAM, get more people involved in the programming … adding efficiency and increasing productivity.

What's Included in KipwareMAX®

KipwareMAX® includes all the titles listed below ... SAVE OVER $2,330 over individual title costs !!
ALL Lifetime Licenses -- (2) Seats of ALL Titles -- NO Maintenance Fees -- Unlimited, Forever Free Access to Video Training & Online Manuals

Kipware® Business Software

KipwareQTE makes it easy to include perishable tooling costs in your cost estimates


Machining Cycletime Estimating Software … Our KipwareCYC® machining cycletime estimating software will insure that the machining cycletime included in your quoting and estimating accurately match what actually happpens on your shop floor … the key to accurate costing and estimating !!

KipwareQTE - Machine Shop Estimating and Quoting Software.


Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating Software … Create accurate quotes and estimates that include material cost, perishable tooling costs, labor costs and all non-machining costs. Send them off to your clients with confidence that the work you win will actually be PROFITABLE WORK !!

KipwareCYC - Real World Machining Cycletime Estimating Software


Quotation Tracking and Analyzing Software … Track and analyze your quoting and estimating process in-depth so you understand all the details. Analyze anything from what quotes are outstanding … to  why you win work … why you lose work … anything you can imagine can be analyzed in-depth with KipwareTRK®.

Kipware® CNC Programming & Shop Utility Software

KipwareM - Conversational CNC Programming CAM for CNC MILLING.


Conversational CNC Programming Software for MILLING … Quickly and easily create G code for 2.5 – 3 axis milling without the use of or need for a CAD model. Our pioneering and innovative Kipware® conversational gives anyone the ability to create G code faster and easier than ANY CAD/CAM package. Includes 3d OPTION … FREE !!

KipwareT - Conversational CNC Programming CAM for CNC TURNING.


Conversational CNC Programming Software for TURNING … Quickly and easily create G code for 2 axis turning without the use of or need for a CAD model. KipwareT® creates G code faster and easier than ANY CAD/CAM package … no CAD or CAD drawing required !! INCLUDES LIVE TOOL & Y AXIS & SUB-SPINDLE OPTIONS FREE !!

Kipware conversational CAD/CAM software from Kentech Inc..

Kipware® SketchPad

Integrated into Kipware® Conversational … When the need arises for complex, non-standard shape programming, draw directly or import DXF files into the Kipware® SketchPad and quickly and easily create G code using a host of real world options … milling or turning. INCLUDES LIVE TOOL & Y AXIS OPTIONS FREE !!

cnc toolpath plotting and editing software from Kentech Inc.


Editor and Toolpath Plotting Software … Integrated into Kipware® conversational to quickly and easily plot G code created in Kipware® for verification. Use as a stand-alone application to manually create G code from scratch … edit existing G code whether created in Kipware® or not … and plot any turning or milling G code to screen for verification.

Kipware machinist toolbox software from Kentech Inc..


Kipware®’s Machine Shop Toolbox Software … From shop formulas to powerful trig and conversational point plotting functions … KipwareTB® puts all the needed shop utilities at your fingertips. KipwareTB® has innovative and groundbraking functions that even gives users the ability to calculate tangency and intersecting points without the need for CAD or CAD drawing knowledge. Imagine getting arc centers and arc tangency points using a conversational, fill-in-the-blank form … game changer !!

speed and feed wizard software


Integrated into Kipware® Conversational … Auto-calculating and auto-inserting speeds and feeds into your Kipware® conversational G code couldn’t be easier. KipwareCSF® does all the calcuations for you then auto inserts the calculated speeds and feeds directly into the conversational form as you built conversational cycles. Easily build and revise your speed and feed database to insure the calculated are compatible with your machines and your tooling. Consisitent, accurate, auto-calculated speeds and feeds … yes please !!

fanuc okuma haas G code conversion software


G Code Conversion Software … Kipware® conversational ouputs Fanuc, “fanuc compatible” and Okuma OSP G code out-of-the-box … no “post” or anything additional is required to program those CNC controls.See the FULL LIST HERE. Should you wish to use Kipware® conversational to program any other, non “fanuc compatible” CNC control … the include KipwareXC® can convert the standard Kipware® conversational output to output compatible with other machines and controls. And the kicker is … you can use KipwareXC® to convert ANY G code format to another G code format … whether the original was created in Kipware® or not !!! If your shop floor consists of multiple CNC type and controls … KipwareXC® will quickly becomes the most important tool on your shop floor.

KipwareMAX® - Cost Comparison over Individual Titles

Inlcudes Lifetime Licenses for ALL Titles -- No Maintenance Fees EVER -- (2) Seats of ALL Titles !!
$ 1500
Save $2380 Over Individual Titles Cost !!
  • KipwareCYC® - Normally $495
  • KipwareQTE® - Normally $495
  • KipwareTRK® - Normally $225
  • KipwareM® - Normally $495
  • 3D Option for KipwareM® - Normally $200
  • KipwareT® - Normally $495
  • LIVE TOOL & Y AXIS Option forKipwareT® - Normally $300
  • SUB-SPINDLE Option forKipwareT® - Normally $150
  • KipwareTP® - Normally $225
  • KipwareTB® - Normally $125
  • KipwarePA® - Normally $125
  • KipwareXC® - Normally $550
  • Total Normal Individual Cost for All Titles = $3880.00
Great Value
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